The Invincible Shovel (Manga) Vol. 1

The Invincible Shovel (Manga) Vol. 1

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The manga adaptation of the hilarious fantasy light novels also published by Seven Seas!

Alan is no ordinary miner. He's the greatest miner in the world, thanks to a shovel that can shoot lasers and level mountains! After scooping up a princess in distress, Alan finds himself drawn into a quest to save her kingdom. Dig out your common sense and delve into a land of shovels and sorcery, where a spade is not a spade, but an invincible shovel like no other!

In Collection: The Invincible Shovel (Manga)

Book Title The Invincible Shovel (Manga) Vol. 1
Type Manga
Trim 5 x 7.125in
Page Count 180
Release Date 2021-07-13

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