What do you mean this is the “official Seven Seas book shop”?

This store is run directly by the publisher Seven Seas Entertainment - read more about us here. Books ship from Maryland via Penguin Random House, our distributor.


Do you ship worldwide?

For now, the GOMANGA store only sells and ships to addresses in the USA and Canada. All packages are shipped via UPS (no P.O. boxes, please).


Once I order my package, how long will it take to arrive in the mail?

Please allow 7-10 business days (from the day you order) for your package to arrive, although if you live near Maryland, it may not take that long. More details are on our Shipping Policy page.

My book arrived, but it’s damaged!

Please see our Refund Policy, which includes what to do if your book arrives damaged.

Can I return an undamaged book that I purchased, even if I already received it in the mail?

If you already received your package and it contains the proper books, we cannot refund you, sorry. If you made an order that you want to cancel, please contact us immediately and we may be able to cancel it before it ships. All sales of digital items (like ebooks) are final.


Why don’t you have more ebooks?

Although most of our paperbacks have ebook editions published as well, those are primarily sold through other digital platforms right now. We’ll be adding more ebooks to this store over time.

I bought an ebook, but I can’t get it to download!

Please contact us and include your order number, so we can assist you. We’ll make sure you get your download!


Do you carry books from publishers OTHER than Seven Seas?

No, the GOMANGA store is a special shop for only Seven Seas items.

Is this the only place that carries Seven Seas books?

No, our books are carried in bookstores (both digital and physical) across the globe!

I want a certain Seven Seas book, but it’s not in the GOMANGA store!

This store launched with a limited number of items and will grow over time. If there’s a Seven Seas book you want that is NOT in this store, there’s a good chance it’s carried by other bookstores. (Although please note that some of our older books are out of print.) Newest books added to this store are listed here, but you can also follow us on social media to hear about new items, hotly anticipated restocks, and special releases!