Life of Melody

Life of Melody

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In this charming and full-color LGBT+ graphic novel first released as a webcomic, a fairy godfather and a beast man raise a human baby together(A book from the Seven Seas + Hiveworks line-up!)

A human child abandoned in the woods is discovered by an unlikely pair: Razzmatazz, a fairy godfather, and Bon, a beast man. After quarreling over the best way to handle the child, they finally agree to co-parent in the human world–for now, at least. What the two men don’t expect is this little arrangement will push them to discover more about themselves…and more about each other, which might result in love. In this charming LGBT+ romcom, one “temporary” magical family might just become real!

In Collection: Hiveworks Label, LGBT+, Monster Girls and Boys

Book Title Life of Melody
Type Book
Trim 5.5 x 8.25in
Page Count 192
Release Date 2021-09-28

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