Monster Musume Vol. 2

Monster Musume Vol. 2


A Monster Hit: #1 on the New York Times‘ Manga Best Sellers list!

It’s bad enough that Kimihito is stuck hosting not one, not two, but three sexy Monster Girls—and is forbidden by law to touch any of them, no matter how much they come on to him—but now, he’s going to have to marry one of them! Which will it be: the sensuous, serpentine Miia; Papi the Harpy, who has boundless enthusiasm and absolutely no personal boundaries; or the noble (and extremely busty) centaur, Centorea? Kimihito decides to get to know each one of these unearthly creatures a little better before he makes his choice—with disastrous results! And that’s not all the strange and titillating world of Monster Girls has in store for our hapless hero. See what new adventures, mishaps, and fan service await Kimihito in Volume 2 of Monster Musume!

Monster Girls and Boys, Monster Musume

Book Title Monster Musume Vol. 2
Type Manga
Trim 5 x 7.125in
Page Count 192
Release Date 2016-02-02

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