Battle Rabbits Vol. 4

Battle Rabbits Vol. 4


Like father, like son?

The strange symbol that appeared on Kaguya's chest proves he has ogre DNA - but that doesn't mean he's abandoning Earth. In order to prevent Rasetsu's calamitous attack on the planet, Kaguya travels back in time to kill Rasetsu's father - the evil sorcerer Sesshuu! But when Sesshuu turns out to be kind and gentle-hearted, Kaguya begins to question his original plan. Can he find another solution to save Earth before it's too late?!


In Collection: Battle Rabbits, Monster Girls and Boys

Book Title Battle Rabbits Vol. 4
Type Manga
Trim 5 x 7.125in
Page Count 180
Release Date 2017-07-25

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