Who Made Me a Princess Vol. 2

Who Made Me a Princess Vol. 2



After accidentally encountering her terrifying father Emperor Claude ahead of schedule, Athanasia has to rethink her entire life plan! Any hope of slipping away with a fortune in hidden baubles crumbles under Claude’s fierce gaze. Under fear of death, with no choice but to continue her attempts to win the cold emperor’s affection, Athanasia’s adorable ways become her best bet for safety. So when Athy encounters a magician who sees past her childlike appearance and to the adult mind within, has her cover been totally blown?!

In Collection: Who Made Me a Princess (Webtoon)

Book Title Who Made Me a Princess Vol. 2
Type Book
Trim 5.875 x 8.25in
Page Count 272
Release Date 2023-09-12

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