Seven Seas Licenses THE STRANGE HOUSE Manga Series

Seven Seas Licenses THE STRANGE HOUSE Manga Series

Seven Seas Entertainment is thrilled to announce the license acquisition of the horror manga series The Strange House by Uketsu (Asukashinshakan) and Kyo Ayano. Based on the hit novel, this series follows a chilling mystery about a house designed for murder—which is now a live-action movie! 

Please enjoy this introduction to the series: 

“I’ve always had a fascination with the occult; you might even call it my specialty. I’ve been brought in as a consultant on many supernatural and strange mysteries. But nothing could have prepared me for this house. It seemed so ordinary at first, except for that one room. It had no doors, no windows, and was tucked away, leaving anyone to think it was just a wall. I knew that there was something more to it. It shouldn’t be there, it shouldn’t exist, and yet... Just what is this house, and what dark secrets does it hold?”

The Strange House (Manga) Vol. 1 will be released for the first time in the English language in August 2024 for $14.99 USA / $18.99 CAN, with the series available in single-volume editions. Ebook editions will also be available on digital platforms.

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