Rozi in the Labyrinth Vol. 1

Rozi in the Labyrinth Vol. 1


A lavishly illustrated manga in which a young girl–guided by handsome monster boys–explores a mysterious maze of alleyways!

The Labyrinth: a world of never-ending streets and intertwined alleyways, where time and space are not what they seem. Those who wander here from other worlds find themselves with odd powers and even odder appearances. Curious and ever-cheerful Rozi lives in the Labyrinth with her inhuman family—cat-eared Chemin, timid Mur, and Kay, the animated doll—who act as her guides and guardians in this strange and mysterious world.

In Collection: Monster Girls and Boys, Rozi in the Labyrinth

Book Title Rozi in the Labyrinth Vol. 1
Type Manga
Trim 5 x 7.125in
Page Count 180
Release Date 2021-01-19

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