Franken Fran (Omnibus) Vol. 7-8

Franken Fran (Omnibus) Vol. 7-8


Only the strangest of patients seek out the mysterious, brilliant and beautiful surgeon Fran Madaraki: zombies, cannibals, the demon-possessed, and just plain, bewildered human beings. Listening carefully to their troubles and desperate wishes, Fran always achieves the impossible with her rare skills. From the living mascots of Rolling World to the Sentinals’ final stand, all the stories converge in the final chapter of this sentimental medical horror!

In Collection: Franken Fran, Monster Girls and Boys

Book Title Franken Fran (Omnibus) Vol. 7-8
Type Manga
Trim 5 x 7.125in
Page Count 384
Release Date 2017-01-17

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