Cutie and the Beast

Girl meets “scary” pro wrestler (who’s actually a sweet guy) in this fun shoujo romance that draws on the wild world of wrestling!

Official English-language publication of the Japanese manga:

プ女と野獣 JKが悪役レスラーに恋した話 | Pujyo and Beast, Pujo to Yajuu: JK ga Akuyaku Wrestler ni Koi Shita Hanashi

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Cutie and the Beast Vol. 1
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THE FULL THREE COUNT OF LOVE Most of her friends like pretty boys, but Momoka only has eyes for Kuga:...
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Cutie and the Beast Vol. 2
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LEG HOLDS AND LOVEBIRDS Momoka is an adorable high school senior with an unusual love: pro wrestling! Much to her...
Cutie and the Beast Vol. 3
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THE SWEETHEART SUPLEX Somehow, Momoka wound up dating her celebrity crush: Kuga, a pro wrestler who plays a villainous heel...