Monster Musume Vol. 10

Monster Musume Vol. 10

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(MON)ster Girls Gone Wild!

When the members of the MON get suspended for accidentally zombifying a young girl (with an assist from Lala), Kimihito tries to console them by spending a full day on a date with each individual member. Not surprisingly, every date ends in its own unique flavor of disaster. From dodging ghost marriages to picnics gone wrong, Kimihito will be very glad indeed when MON’s suspension is over! Meanwhile, Draco learns a lesson in humility while trying to win back Miia’s favor. It’s more chaos and comedy in this MON-focused volume of everybody’s favorite monster girl series!

Monster Girls and Boys, Monster Musume

Book Title Monster Musume Vol. 10
Type Manga
Trim 5 x 7.125in
Page Count 180
Release Date 2016-12-06

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