Classroom of the Elite (Manga) Vol. 2

Classroom of the Elite (Manga) Vol. 2

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Students of the prestigious Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School are given remarkable freedom—if they can win, barter, or save enough points to work their way up the ranks! Ayanokouji Kiyotaka landed at the bottom of this cutthroat school's hierarchy in the scorned Class D, and thanks to their terrible performance, they've found their supply of points completely cut off. Without points, the school's luxurious amenities are out of reach, and things could get even worse. If any member of the class fails out of the program, it could mean fire consequences for everyone else! Together with Horikita and Kushida, can Ayanokouji figure out a way to keep his class's worst students from bombing out?

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Book Title Classroom of the Elite (Manga) Vol. 2
Type Manga
Trim 5 x 7.125in
Page Count 172
Release Date 2022-05-17

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