Monster Musume Vol. 4

Monster Musume Vol. 4


50 Shades of Neigh!

Centorea's got a problem -- a big problem, with eight legs and a web-slinger! It seems Rachnera, the shady spider-woman, wasn't content with stringing up Kasegi (who totally deserved it) and now she wants to trap Kimihito in her lascivious snare! Will the noble centaur save her master from the claws of the Arachne, or will Centorea find herself caught in Rachnera's tangled web?

With a house full of beautiful, sexy monster girls who all want to jump him, regular guy (and virgin!) Kimihito has to stay on his toes - because giving in to their advances is against the law! But each new addition to the household ups the ante. See what new twists and turn-ons await our hero in the latest uproarious installment of Monster Musume!

In Collection: Monster Girls and Boys, Monster Musume

Book Title Monster Musume Vol. 4
Type Manga
Trim 5 x 7.125in
Page Count 192
Release Date 2016-02-02

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