A Stepmother's Marchen Vol. 2

A Stepmother's Marchen Vol. 2



The marchioness Shuri Von Neuschwanstein got the chance at a do-over for the last seven years of her life—and this time, she’s determined not to be a weak-willed doormat! Having gained her stepchildren’s trust, Shuri turns her attention to hosting a grand memorial to her late husband, as well as taking an active role in the parliament position inherited from her late husband. Shuri has her hands full making sure everything goes according to plan, but she still can’t escape the scrutiny of the nobility, who seem fixated on her every move. When she draws the attention of the crown prince, things get even more complicated, and Shuri finds herself—and her family—in a precarious situation. What’s a reformed stepmother to do?

The hit webtoon also known as The Fantasie of a Stepmother!

In Collection: A Stepmother's Marchen

Book Title A Stepmother's Marchen Vol. 2
Type Book
Trim 5.875 x 8.25in
Page Count 296
Release Date 2023-11-28

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