SPRIGGAN: Deluxe Edition 1

SPRIGGAN: Deluxe Edition 1

$29.99 USD

The classic action-adventure manga of super spies and ancient relics that inspired the 1998 anime film and the 2022 Netflix Original anime series!

An ancient alien civilization once hid artifacts of immense power across the Earth, and now the world’s governments will stop at nothing to seize those relics for their own nefarious purposes. Only the ARCAM corporation stands against them, whose special agents, the Spriggan, are the world’s last line of defense against the alien doomsday weapons. Equipped with experimental armor that grants him unmatched strength, Ominae Yu is Spriggans’ ace operator, sent to avert catastrophes around the world.

This classic manga first released in the late 1980s–which inspired a beloved anime film in 1998, and a Netflix anime series in 2022–is finally being released in its entirety in North America in this beautiful English-language release. Each deluxe omnibus is 600+ pages long and contains a color illustration gallery.

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Book Title SPRIGGAN: Deluxe Edition 1
Type Manga
Trim 5.875 x 8.25in
Page Count 636
Release Date 2022-08-30

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