Amongst Us - Book 1: Soulmates

Amongst Us - Book 1: Soulmates

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From the Seven Seas + Hiveworks Comics team-up: This fun, full-color LGBT+ tale borne from the popular and long-running fantasy webcomic Carciphona can be read and enjoyed independently, and will be distributed in a new trade paperback edition to bookstores and other retailers around the world!

Veloce loves Blackbird. Blackbird loves Veloce. These two young women may have strange chemistry and seemingly nothing in common, but somehow, their offbeat relationship works. Join them for a dance through the modern city they call home as they satisfy Blackbird’s sweet tooth and indulge Veloce in her attempts to understand fashion. In an alternate universe, this sorceress and assassin share a very different reality…but in this one, they’re a modern couple who have built a life together–and they intend to enjoy it.

In Collection: Hiveworks Label, LGBT+

Book Title Amongst Us - Book 1: Soulmates
Type Book
Trim 6 x 9in
Page Count 128
Release Date 2023-08-01

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