Merman in My Tub Vol. 2

Merman in My Tub Vol. 2

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Mellow and responsible Tatsumi has gotten pretty used to his new roommate -- the energetic and needy merman, Wakasa -- who has taken what seems like permanent refuge in his bathtub. While regular visits from Wakasa's undersea friends and Tatsumi's affectionate little sister have become commonplace, the bathtub suddenly seems a little less safe when a shark appears. Is their hungry new acquaintance friend or foe? Whether it's testing new bubble bath, hosting a butler cafe, or training for the Olympics, it's never a dull day in Tatsumi's bathroom.

Merman In My Tub, Monster Girls and Boys

Book Title Merman in My Tub Vol. 2
Type Manga
Trim 5 x 7.125in
Page Count 138
Release Date 2016-01-05

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