Citrus Plus

The hit yuri manga and anime series continues with this new spin-off manga!

Official English-language publication of the Japanese manga:

シトラスプラス | citrus +

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Citrus Plus Vol. 1
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A NEW SEASON OF LOVE! High schoolers (and stepsisters) Yuzu and Mei have gone public with their relationship! The two...
Citrus Plus Vol. 2
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STUDENT POLITICS Mei and Yuzu have come a long way since they first fell in love, but not everyone approves...
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Citrus Plus Vol. 3
$13.99 USD
BEST FRENEMIES After all the drama that went down at school, Matsuri has started skipping classes. Harumi has never gotten...
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Citrus Plus Vol. 4
$13.99 USD
BIRTHDAY BLUES Yuzu’s birthday is coming up but Mei is swamped with student council work. Yuzu agrees to celebrate on...
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