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Classmates Vol. 1: Dou kyu sei
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The touching Boys’ Love story that inspired a hit animated film, in an all-new translation for digital and print. Hikaru...
Classmates Vol. 2: Sotsu gyo sei (Winter)
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SHELTER FROM THE COLD Though Rihito’s always been a loner, lately he’s grown close to his classmate, Hikaru. The two...
Classmates Vol. 3: Sotsu gyo sei (Spring)
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THE SPRINGTIME OF YOUTH Hikaru and Rihito are two high school boys in love. Things are going well for the...
Classmates Vol. 4: Sora and Hara
$14.99 USD
A FATEFUL MEETING Hara Manabu is a gay man who feels somewhat adrift in the world. He spends his days...
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Classmates Vol. 5: O.B.
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THE MANY PATHS OF LOVE School may be out, but for Kusakabe and Sajo, their lives together are just beginning!...
Classmates Vol. 6: blanc
$19.99 USD
A COMPLICATED KIND OF LOVE Sajo is in his final year of university and trying to figure out what to...
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